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Hiperfloor Polished Concrete System

Polished Concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material and definitely the way to revitalize old concrete floors extraordinary beautiful particularly for commercial, industrial businesses, factories, warehouses and residential.


Polished Concrete offers a premium alternative to other expensive floor coverings and treatments with low maintenance but durable and easier to clean. Nothing beats concrete floor polishing when you are considering its cost.


The polished concrete system produces a high quality finish and has many advantages over otherproducts of similar cost. Key Markets Applications:


1. Surface Contaminant Removal

Glue and adhesive


Leveling compounds

Tile screed


2. Concrete Flattening Repair

Rain damage concrete

Trip hazards / Lipage removal

Multi pour slab


3. Concrete Polishing


HIPEFLOOR Industrial

HIPEFLOOR Commercial



• Permanently Low Maintenance

• Chemical Resistance

• Abrasion Resistance

• Slip Resistance

• Heat Resistance

• Reduces Dust Mites and Allergen Problems

• Dust Free

• No Contamination

• Easy to Clean

• Incredibly smooth, glass like finish

• Easily Add Colors to Existing Concrete During Process

• No Coating, No Waxes



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