About Us

Aquila Supply and Services is a first choice when it comes to floor grinding and refining of concrete floor. We are your source for all industrial, retail, commercial and residential flooring solutions. We aim to provide clients with the most cost effective solutions for their project while maintaining the highest possible standards in quality workmanship.


At Aquila Supply and Services, we are here to provide incredible customer service with expert advice on flooring solutions for your concrete floor needs. Aquila understands the need to problem solve without disruption or downtime to normal operations.


We realised that many of our customers are concerned about the impact their floor have on the environment and the lack of viable options that are available. We offer floor surface grinding, concrete floor polishing, removal of epoxy and waterproofing.

Incorporates products with low environmental impact and there is need for harsh toxic chemicals and reapplications of topical coatings. It reduces dust mites and allergen problems and does not support mold growth, low dust build up for a hygienic clean environment. The only cleaning kits you need are mild soap and water, harmless to the environment and lenient to the floor.


We are dedicated to meeting all of our customers’ needs and go above and beyond to make sure that every project is completed to your upmost satisfaction.

A one-time application with minimal maintenance, they are more durable, long lasting system and easier to clean than many other flooring options and it is cheaper than covering, and re-covering with environmentally toxic carpets and plastic tiles year after years. The floor has an excellent ability to reflect light making open spaces appear brighter helping to cut lighting cost.

The system helps by treating and then polishing it, the surface abrasion resistance and wearing properties are substantially increased; it can withstand even the toughest traffic. They are high stain and heat resistance that adds many years to a concrete floor life span.